Tantacam’s Reveal X is a superior device that can help you extend your vision towards the wildlife and your property

Tactacam Reveal X Trail Camera

Tactacam Reveal X Trail Camera
  • IP66 Waterproof Certified
  • Adjustable Night Illumination at 96+ft
  • On-board Wi-Fi
  • No Contracts/Activation fees
  • No full screen

Tactacam’s Reveal X: The Ultimate Tool For Remote Scouting

Whether you want to capture images of wildlife or keep an eye on the living pattern of an animal that you find exciting, a trail camera can be in your best interest. When it comes to the best trail cameras that offer high-resolution images and pictures, Tactacam reigns supreme with their product line. The Tactacam’s Reveal X exemplifies the top-quality service that Tactacam can offer.
Equipped with ½-second triggers and an excellent 96' infrared flash, this trail camera produces vivid and high-quality images of the wildlife or a certain creature on which you set eyes. This Tactacam Reveal X review will delve deep into the specs and features of this camera to help you know whether Reveal X will meet your needs.

Our first impression

Simple and intuitive design

The most significant difference between the Tactacam Reveal X vs Tactacam Reveal lies in the fact that the former does not have a screen. You will make desired adjustments to its setting via the Tactacam app, and of course, you’ll need to download this app to do so. At first, I was let down by the Reveal X Tactacam’s lack of screen because there is hardly anything you can do with the camera itself. However, after a while, I grew accustomed to this screen-free design.

The design is perfectly simplified with a one-latch opening. You open the latch to insert the battery and activate the camera. After opening the latch, you will see some lights that display status, SD card, wifi, battery level, and bar connection, etc. There is also an eject button that allows you to easily remove or exchange it and a typical on/off setup. Pushing the Test button and the camera will send the test picture to your phone. Overall, I think the setting is simple to use and operate. The lack of a full screen can be disappointing at first to those who get used to the first-gen Tactacam camera, but it’s not much of a big deal after all.

Tactacam Reveal X Trail Camera Review by TopFreeReviews

Solid battery life

This Reveal X Tactacam requires 12 AA batteries for operation, and it is also equipped with an external port for the solar panel in case you want to add that to your trail camera. The battery life can be much more powerful and enduring than that of the first-gen because the camera needs no extended battery to run the screen. Hence, the lack of a full screen can be considered a perk.

Setting and performance

The operation manual provides detailed instructions on how you can set up and connect your phone to the camera. What you need to do is inject the SD card, insert the batteries, and attach the antenna to the head of the camera. Tactacam creates a big space for the SD card so that you can easily put your SD card in and out of the camera.

To connect your phone to the camera, open the app you’ve downloaded and hit the Scan QR code button on the screen. Once you successfully scan the QR code, the app will take you to a Register screen in which you need to type some information. This whole registration process can take a while, so be patient. The following procedure requires you to select the quality of pictures or videos you want to get, and you’ll need to pay for a monthly subscription if you want to download the pictures onto your phone. The app also allows you to create and manage pictures in folders or upload thumbnail images. The images I got from the camera are highly pixelated even with daylight pictures.

Should you go with the Tactacam Reveal X?

The Tactacam Reveal X offered me a great user experience during my one-week usage, and I’m satisfied with what it could do with its scouting and tracking ability. It produces high-quality pictures and can be a great help for you to keep an eye on your property when you’re away. The size can be quite significant compared to some models of the same category, but overall, it is a well-rounded product. It’s no wonder that since the Reveal X release date, this trail camera has always been a hot-selling item. To see if there is any Tactacam Reveal X in stock, you can always check out the link for more information.