ABCmouse - best overall comprehensive curriculum application for 2 - 8 year old kids


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ABCmouse-This app is a mixture of educational mathematics workouts, innovative technology, and insightful creativity to bring special learning programs for kids between 2 and 8 years old. The Age of learning, Inc is known as the founder of this wonderful online app. Created by educational experts and teachers, it has over 10,000 learning activities for children at all academic levels. The long-term goal of this app is to set up a strong foundation for children in the academic future by providing a comprehensive curriculum to assist young preschools to elementary school programs. The most special thing about ABCmouse is the quality of each lesson and game. It is not like a chore, it is an adventure game covered by a great story. There are so many free websites with educational targets for young children, yet they do not offer the structure and safe environment like

ABCmouse Learning App - Comprehensive Curriculum For Kids

ABCmouse merits praise!

This adventure provides an extensive curriculum for young learners

The fee is quite affordable considering that one account can be shared between three children of different abilities and ages.
Parents can have an option named the “Assessment Center”, which offers a huge number of tests to assess the areas in which a child can concentrate on.
Significantly, is an advertising-free as well as no external link that is secure for students to use without supervision. Therefore, parents can be comfortable focusing on other works whilst their children have fun on this interactive online platform.
In the Parent section, there is a description that helps parents change the child’s level at any time during the subscription

A wide range of lesson options are offered to boost children’s intelligence

Children can consider the path of personalized step-by-step guided through each lesson or choose an independent learning one to explore the ABCmouse journey at their own pace. Students will not feel bored with engaging features like a customizable Avatar, Pet Park, My Room, children love learning while playing and exploring. Progress is easy to keep track of and supervise through all devices, even smartphones making ABCmouse a great choice for learning anywhere and anytime.

ABCmouse Learning App With Attractive Interface

A profitable investment!

Subscription fee is $9.95/month or $79.99/year at the publishing date.
You can pay monthly, yearly by credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay.
Despite having a lot of competitive free sites, it is clear that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages that will require a subscription from users.
Additionally, the fee contributes to the high quality of the programs allowing for students to work on creating a kid-friendly, stimulating platform.