Our staff has spent weeks testing and analyzing the performance of prominent leaf blowers and compiled the list of best leaf blowers
For a long time, raking up leaves and debris in the backyard has become an everyday grind to many people. We were willing to spend hours sweeping off fallen leaves on the ground, hoping that it would reclaim the pristine beauty of their gardens. However, the world is moving faster, and virtually nobody has that much time to clean their personal properties, not to mention commercial areas whose coverage spans across hundreds of acres.  

This is when leaf blowers enter the scene and change everything. Now, instead of squandering hours hurting your back and arm to clean your garden, you can get yourself a leaf blower capable of blowing away leaves within several minutes. However, choosing a high-quality leaf blower that lives up to your expectations and fulfills your needs is never an easy task. Hence, to make it easier for you, our staff has tested, researched, and analyzed different types of leaf blowers on the market to find out what the best leaf blowers are. Our top picks will include the best cordless leaf blowers and best backpack blowers so that you will have a profound insight into these two common types of blowers and can decide which one you should opt for.

Best Leaf Blowers

Best Leaf Powers: A Great Helper In Cleaning And What You Need To Know About Them

What do you need to know about leaf blowers?

Before deciding to get yourself a leaf blower, the first thing you should know is their types of power. The power source of the blower you’re going to buy has to be aligned with your need and purpose. Basically, leaf blowers run on two kinds of energy: electric and gasoline. 

If you need to rev up a large space or a wide-ranging area, you should turn to gas-powered blowers. These blowers deliver a more powerful performance compared to electric ones, thus being able to clean wide areas like commercial properties. Some gas-powered leaf blowers are equipped with a 2-stroke engine, meaning ít’ll require a mixture of oil and gas for its operation. To acquire a peak performance of these blowers, you need to study their operation manuals carefully to choose the fuel type most compatible with them. 

On the other hand, if you have smaller yards and need a not-too-powerful engine to sweep off leaves, electric blowers might be a more suitable option for you. Regarding electric blowers, you need to charge the battery of the machine before putting it into use (if it is a battery-powered blower). Or if it’s a corded blower that requires an electric source to connect, find an outlet that grants you the best access to your yard. Another issue you need to notice is that corded blowers are likely to get stuck on shrubs or sprinkler heads, so be careful with corded blowers if your yard has such things. 

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Which criteria did we base on?


As mentioned, leaf blowers vary in styles and engine, and you can choose a suitable one among gas-powered, corded, cordless blowers. Each model boasts different pros and cons, but our picks for the best leaf blower 2020 tend to gravitate towards corded and cordless blowers. Corded blowers need to be connected to an outlet, so they might lag a little behind cordless ones in terms of flexibility and maneuverability. However, they possess limitless run time, require little maintenance, produce little to no sound, generate zero emissions, all of which are primary problems you might find in cordless or gas-powered ones. Also, the performance of some corded blowers can match that of gas blowers, which significantly impresses us. 

Cordless blowers provide the user with great flexibility and a high level of maneuverability. The most noticeable dealbreaker of these blowers is they have limited run time, which might pose many challenges if you have to clean a large property. Though gas blowers are gradually falling out of favor, they still excel in cleaning power which only a few corded blowers can rival. So we do not exclude this blower's style from our list. 

Noise level

In the past, blowers gained notoriety for the loud noise they made during the operation. Nowadays, with the development of technology, many blowers are equipped with noise-suppressing features that help them acquire a quiet performance. Loud noise can affect not only the user but also neighbors, so the ability to work quietly is also an aspect that we very much appreciate.


We also want to fill our list with the best commercial leaf blowers at reasonable prices so that people with different levels of income can pick the one most suited to their needs. Thus, the blowers we put in our list must meet two standards: high-efficiency performance and best budget.