We created a list of the Best Handheld Vacuums 2021 so that customers can compare and choose the right product for their needs
A handheld vacuum is one of the perfect choices to keep your home in a clean and tidy condition. Thanks to their portability, they are great for cleaning upstairs rooms, desks, sofas, stairs, or cars. With both wired or wireless options available, users can easily choose a model that best fits the area of ​​their home for quick cleanup.

In addition to being convenient to carry, the best handheld vacuums will not affect the user's financial ability too much. This means they can invest in a handheld vacuum alongside their larger vacuum for whenever you want a quick clean rather than a deep clean. Keeping the car clean becomes extremely easy with the cordless vacuum cleaner model, as long as the user does not mindfully charge it after use. The corded handheld vacuum is the perfect product to recommend for the office or upstairs living space, and it will bring a new level of convenient cleaning to your home where you never have to worry about the battery capacity.

The Best Portable Vacuum is equipped with various attachments so that the user can clean the house more quickly. If you have a pet in the house and have trouble with pet hair, you can look for models that have a specific tool for smoothing out hair, as well as a nozzle to get into crevices where dirt can hide. hide. No matter which brand of handheld vacuum cleaner you choose, you'll have a great new cleaning companion for your home. For the ultimate convenience and comfort, check out our guide to the Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner that can do all the work for you.

Best Handheld Vacuums

Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum

Despite its long charging times and short battery life when set to full power, we can't deny that the Dyson V7 Trigger handheld vacuum is one of the most powerful

Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum

Powered by the Dyson digital motor V7 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones Up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction Hygienic bin emptying Combination tool Crevice tool Mini motorized tool Two power modes Charge time: 3.5 hrs Run time (Powerful mode): 30 min Cyclone technology: 2 Tier Radial™ cyclone Filtration: Washable lifetime filter Suction power (Powerful mode): 28 AW Suction power (MAX mode): 100 AW Weight: 3.77 lb Cleaner head: Mini Motorised Tool Height: 8.11 in Length: 12.45 in Width: 5.17 in

Up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction
Hygienic bin emptying
Combination tool
Mini motorized tool
The Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum is recommended by the manufacturer for use on hardwood floors and has a run time of up to 30 minutes. When compared to many of the best handheld vacuums, the Dyson Handheld Vacuum has a low noise level. However, in MAX power mode, the Dyson Handheld Vacuum's operating time will only last about six minutes. While the Dyson Handheld Vacuum isn't a cheap option compared to others on the market, it's robust, offers a two-year warranty, and comes with two power modes and several tool attachments. The Car Vacuum Dyson has a suction cup capacity of 0.8 liters. We rate this space as a convenient space to help you save time with trips to the trash can. The Dyson Handheld Vacuum's bag-free and one-touch emptying design will make the task hygienic.
The product price may be higher than you want to spend, but you are paying for the quality and durability. The Dyson Portable Vacuum recharges quickly and stores easily. Almost all of the less-than-positive reviews we've seen complain about battery life. In summary, each handheld vacuum cleaner has its pros and cons, but the Dyson Portable Vacuum is one of the best options we recommend.

Shark® WANDVAC™ Cordless Handheld Vacuum - Slate

The Shark® WANDVAC™ has a stylish design and its strong appeal is suitable for everyday use although it is not for everyone due to its short battery life

Shark® WANDVAC™ Cordless Handheld Vacuum - Slate

Product weight (lbs.): 1.4 Dust cup capacity (qts.): 0.08 Cleaning path width (in.): 3.6 Wattage: 115 Amps: 10.6 Filter type: Washable fabric filter Product dimensions (in.): 16.5 L X 2.5 L X 2.4 H LED lights: Not included 2-Year Limited Warranty 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee Parts: Shark® WANDVAC™ Cordless Handheld Vacuum - Slate, Duster crevice tool, Multi-surface pet tool, Dual onboard accessory storage, Charging Dock

Great warranty
Super lightweight
Quick charge time
The Shark® WANDVAC™ Handheld Vacuum is loved because it's the modern take on cordless handheld vacuums. This vacuum cleaner is extremely light at 1.4 lbs. The Shark® Handheld Vacuum also comes with a charging stand (which looks a bit like a knife rack, if you ask us) which it claims will fully charge in less than an hour.
The Shark® Cordless Handheld Vacuum has a ton of useful features that allow you to clean everything from the nooks and crannies of our kitchen cabinets to our car upholstery, but the common cons of most handheld vacuums are that they have limited battery life. Although the Shark® Handheld Vacuum offers strong suction, we were only able to use it for ten minutes before the battery ran out. This would be fine for smaller jobs but can be annoying when we want to deep clean our car.

Black And Decker Dustbuster® Cordless Handheld Vacuum CHV1410L

The Black + Decker Dustbuster® Vacuum Cleaner CHV1410L is rated as a handheld vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough for quick cleaning

Black And Decker Dustbuster® Cordless Handheld Vacuum CHV1410L

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Charge Duration: 4 hrs Charger Jack: Plug Dustbowl Capacity: 20.6 oz. Duty Type: Medium Power Rating: 16 Power Source: Cordless Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 7.99 x 12.53 x 5.39 in Product Type: Dry Replacement Filters: VBF110 Suction Power: 17.5 AW Weight: 2.6 lbs Includes: Jack Plug Charger, Wall Mount, Extendable Crevice Tool, Flip-Up Brush

Long-lasting battery
Quick to charge
Small dirt cup
The Black And Decker Dustbuster® Cordless Hand Vacuum CHV1410L is an affordable, powerful handheld vacuum that runs on a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Black And Decker Dustbuster® is designed to be lightweight and efficient. This is a portable vacuum cleaner powered by a 16-volt lithium-ion battery that lasts longer and it can keep a charge for up to 18 months. The Black And Decker Dustbuster® Advanced Clean's fast-rechargeable battery is up to 5x faster than other models and also benefits from Smart Charging Technology that uses 50% less energy.
The Black And Decker Cordless Vacuum is equipped with a bagless, translucent water cup that makes emptying and cleaning quick and easy. The Black And Decker Hand Vacuum also features a Cyclonic Action that keeps the filter clean and improves suction power. Black And Decker Vacuums comes with a built-in brush and crevice tool to make cleaning even simpler.

Dirt Devil Scorpion+ Handheld Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Scorpion+ Hand Vacuum is one of the best cordless handheld vacuums on our list

Dirt Devil Scorpion+ Handheld Vacuum

Hand Vac conveniently delivers Upright Power Long-Lasting Performance and continuous power Pivoting Stair & Upholstery Tool is perfect stairs and carpet cleaning Lightweight design so it's easy to move from room to room and store anywhere QuickFlip™ Crevice Tool to tackle hard-to-reach and tight spaces Easy-Empty XL Dirt Cup for fewer trips to the trash can 2 Year Warranty Weight: 3 Lbs Cord Length: 15 Ft

Powerful Suction and Capacity
Upright Power, Hand Vac Convenience
Built-in Quick Flip Crevice Tool
Long-Lasting Performance
While the Dirt Devil Scorpion Plus is one of the cheapest handheld vacuums on the market, that doesn't mean it's not great. In contrast, the Dirt Devil Portable Vacuum has received thousands of positive reviews for its powerful suction on review sites and social networks! The Dirt Devil Dustbuster comes with a cord so it won't lose power, but some buyers have told us they had problems with it heating up after 15 minutes of use. If you have the same situation, you can take it off for a minute, and then you won't have any problems continuing. Thanks to its powerful suction, the Dirt Devil Scorpion Plus will be a great choice for anyone who wants to quickly and easily clean snack debris from car seats. Whether you're a college student or you need to keep it in the garage, the Dirt Devil Scorpion Plus will be great for your cleanup.

Best Handheld Vacuums Reviews: Things You Need To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

How we tested

For us, the two most important elements of the Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair are performance and portability. Suction is important when you're trying to pick up stubborn dirt in crevices and corners, or pet hair that tends to stick to upholstery. The portability of a small vacuum focuses on how easy it is to carry while in use. We also consider convenience factors, such as battery life and the weight of the handheld vacuum. In addition to the obvious functions of receiving and maneuvering, our testers also looked at the design features that give some handheld vacuums their place in the competition.

Vacuuming Performance

Our research included multiple tests to determine how well each hand vacuum was at sucking up a variety of common items, including grains and wood chips. We rubbed dog hair into carpets to test whether portable vacuums could suck both cat and dog hair from upholstered furniture and to determine which vacuums were more likely to suck. We placed the screws in a container with a flat lid and recorded the number of screws each unit could hold for five seconds to further test the suction power of the small handheld vacuum. Vacuums capable of holding more weight receive higher scores for suction power.

Best Handheld Vacuums Reviews By TopFreeReviews


We calculated how long the battery lasts when fully charged as a test to assess portability. This is important because users may need to deal with more than one clutter or have an unusually large mess, such as dry leaves or cookie crumbs in their vehicle, which may require additional cleaning time.

To give you an idea of ​​how cumbersome and tiring it can be to use a vacuum cleaner, we've reviewed each handheld vacuum. We've also measured the time it takes to charge all battery-powered devices, and of course, the faster-charging ones score better.


Most of the hand vacuums we selected for testing come with attachments to make it easier to get into folds in furniture or corners in stairs. The long and narrow crevice tool makes it easier for us to vacuum around car seats. Some handheld vacuums have a crevice tool as part of the main body design rather than as a separate attachment. It is expandable to give us a longer hose, adding to the mobility of the aspirator. Additionally, a wide mouth tool will give the user the ability to vacuum a larger area with one pass instead of having to repeatedly repeat smaller passes to get the same amount of mess.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

Any electrical equipment made of plastic and containing batteries can harm the environment. If you are looking for an eco-friendly handheld vacuum cleaner, we recommend that you consider the following factors. The first is the battery in the cordless vacuum. Several vacuum cleaner companies are working to reduce that problem by partnering with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation to make it easier to find battery drop-off locations so the batteries don't go bad fall into the landfill. Second, we always suggest customers find a product that can be used for a long time. A long warranty can help users be confident about that, in addition to asking a local vacuum dealer and reading many reviews. That way, we won't end up sending a handheld vacuum to the landfill every few years. Third, the repair of handheld vacuum cleaners seems silly because they are quite cheap. However, the repair is worth considering because it is the greener choice.

We hope you will choose a suitable vacuum cleaner based on the information and tips we give in the Best Dustbuster Review.