With numerous tests spanning over 2 months, our staff has found some of the most trustworthy blackout curtains on the market
Humans cannot live without sleep. Sleeping is not only our basic need but also a precious time for us to restore our energy and recover after long hours of working and studying. However, too often, the outdoor light or noise breaks into our room, interrupting our valuable sleep and causing much irritation. Luckily, there is a decor item that can help us defeat these annoying elements and reclaim a high-quality resting time. That secret weapon is blackout curtains. 
Blackout curtains act as a perfect shield against outdoor light and noise, thereby ensuring uninterrupted sleeping time for you and your families. With the rapid development of technology, blackout curtains have adopted more advanced features and can tackle other energy consumption or privacy protection problems. For these reasons, blackout curtains have won massive popularity and even threatened to supplant traditional curtains as the most favored blind. Blackout curtains’ rise to popularity means that many people are excited to buy them for their house for decoration and light-blocking purposes. However, consumers can be dazzled by thousands of blackout curtain types floating on the market nowadays. You want to purchase the best home fashion blackout thermal grommet curtain but don't know where to buy. Hence, our staff and editors will facilitate this tiring decision-making process with the following best blackout curtains review. Let’s find out which one will meet your requirement and fulfill your expectations of perfect blackout curtains.

Best Blackout Curtains

Eclipse Absolute Zero Curtains

Eclipse Absolute Zero Curtains is a perfect shield against intense lightning and disturbing noise for your room

Eclipse Absolute Zero Curtains

Blocks 100% of light Maximize privacy Noise-reducing properties Energy-saving properties Recommended for night shift workers

Maximum light proof functionality
Energy-saving with thermal protection
Efficient noise-dampening function
After tedious hours of work, what everyone craves is a tight and comfortable sleep to restore our energy and agility. However, there are times our precious sleep is irritatingly disturbed by outside noise and light that penetrate our rooms. In such circumstances, a blackout curtain is an ideal option that you should consider.
After testing numerous types of blackout curtains, our staff has agreed on the high quality of the Eclipse Absolute Zero Curtains. Compared to other blackout curtains whose lighting prevention level only hovers under 100%, the Eclipse Absolute Zero Blackout Curtains can block 100% of light, providing your room with pitch blackness. In addition to the total light-proof ability, this blackout curtain can also ward off the noise and save energy during summer and winter. Let’s find out the benefits you can gain from this product with our Eclipse Absolute Zero Curtains reviews.

Sun Zero Blackout Curtains

Sun Zero Blackout curtains are packed with multiple functionalities that help your room block light and unwanted noises

Sun Zero Blackout Curtains

Made of tightly woven special yarns Blocks over 99% of light Reduce the energy by up to 30% Keep out heat & cold

Superior light blocking properties
Come in different sizes and colors
Energy-saving design
Efficient at noise-dampening
Might be too dark for children’s room
Over the years, curtains have experienced various changes, stretching beyond the traditional curtains in both design and function. Instead of having only one role as a light-blocking item, curtains are now laced with multiple features and diversified designs that satisfy all personal preferences. One of the curtain types that are gaining the favor of consumers is blackout curtains.
Regarding prominent blackout curtains on the market, Sun Zero Blackout curtains are the name you shouldn't miss out on. This Sun Zero Lichtenberg curtain goes beyond the typical functions of regular curtains, granting you various benefits in different aspects. Our following Sun Zero curtains review will give you a brief portrayal of the outstanding features of this exceptional product.

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

We have tested multiple types of blackout curtains and decided that the Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains deserve a place in our list for best blackout curtains

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

100% Polyester Blackout / Room Darkening Pieces included: 2 curtains 8 silver grommets No uneven hems or stitches Proprietary triple weave fabric technology

Well crafted and beautifully looking
Available in various colors
Reasonably priced for good-quality
Hard to iron wrinkles
Traditional curtains have gradually faded into the background, paving the way for the emergence of innovative curtains with various functions. When it comes to modern curtains, blackout curtains are probably the first thing that crosses many people’s minds. Blackout curtains are imbued with numerous functionalities, serving as not only a light-blocking tool but also as a noise-dampening item for your room. They are an excellent investment for those who prefer a dark room to sleep and relax.
An impressive blackout curtain that receives much acclaim is Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains. This Deconovo curtain has a well-crafted design and numerous features that will likely fascinate even the most fastidious customers. We’ve conducted several tests on this product, read thousands of Deconovo reviews, and condensed our results into this article. Let’s skim through our following review to discover what the Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains can offer you.

Best Blackout Curtains: Great Light Blockers And What You Need To Know About Them

Let’s not confuse blackout curtains with room-darkening ones

There is a blurred line between blackout curtains and room-darkening ones. The easiest way to tell the difference between these two is to base on how much they can darken the room. While the former can block over 99% or 100% of outdoor light, the latter can still leave some glimmers penetrating the room. Hence, when shopping for particular curtains in your room, you should first identify your needs and expected usages. If you are highly light-sensitive or often work on graveyard shifts, you should opt for the blackout curtains. However, if you plan to use curtains for your baby’s room, room-darkening ones are the right place to go. It’s best to leave the babies’ room filled with some lights because total blackness can negatively affect their sleep rhythm. Hence, in this situation, we recommend the best room-darkening curtains rather than total blackout curtains.

Best Blackout Curtains Review By TopFreeReviews

Which criteria do we use for our test?

Good at stopping light

Most of the names that appear on our list are total blackout curtains, so it’s crucial that these curtains have a superb light-blocking property. We gave higher rates for curtains that excel in preventing 100% light from breaking into the room. But as we mentioned, you should consider your needs before choosing to go with blackout curtains or room-darkening ones.

Efficient at dampening noise

Apart from blocking light, a good blackout curtain also has to possess the ability to dampen noises. Like outdoor light, outdoor noise can be bothersome and annoying to one’s sleep; hence, our top picks for the best blackout curtains are those extremely excellent at toning the noise down to an acceptable level to ensure tranquility and quietness for your room.

Attractive design

The original purpose of curtains is to decorate your room, so we also pay close attention to the design and appearance of each blackout curtain. The blackout curtains we choose are all beautifully woven and meticulously designed in every detail, which is bound to make your room fashionable and elegant.

Various sizes

We also prioritize blackout curtains varied in sizes and colors since windows to which these curtains are attached can also come in all shapes and sizes. Our preference thus inclines towards curtains with numerous lengths and widths so that they can fit different types of windows and don’t clash with the house’s overall decor.

The last reminder

As you can see, there is a wide range of blackout curtains you could choose among uncountable types out there. Whether you want the best noise canceling curtains, the best room darkening curtains, or the best blackout curtains for bedrooms and nurseries, you will eventually find one that meets all your needs. We hope that our top picks for the best blackout curtains can be valuable guidelines that lead you toward the wisest decision.